I've heard that Calvin wants a divorce.


Women talk nonstop.

Our Japanese teacher is very nice to us.

The pay is terrible and the hours are long.


What Ian saw made him unhappy.


Nichael can't stay.

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Does my training qualify me to teach?

You're not tall enough.

If there are houses nearby, a volcano can create a disaster.

I'll save the money for the next time.

I just want to be a little happier.

She seems totally at peace with herself.

Though seriously injured, he managed to get to a telephone.

You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.

I wish there was something else we could do.

This drives me crazy.

Do you visit this place often?

Is that so much to ask?

Go, go, go!

You don't have the nerve.

This is exactly what you said would happen.

I'm not related to Jeffery.

Thanks Dominick, I appreciate it.


She's a good photographer because she's so observant.

I'm very surprised.

This computer is superior to that one.

I have my own reasons.

No one's going to find us.


Let's go make fun of Bart.


Diane's new wife is younger than his daughter from his first marriage.


They left before the end of the performance.

You're supposed to be helping us right now.

Lenora says he can see into the future.


You did that on your own, didn't you?

It calms me down.

You do get around, don't you?

Who do you think will win the race?

I have to go to my office.


I think I should go in alone.

He is always talking about old memories of his childhood.

Alf was busy translating some documents for the boss.

Classes start at eight in the morning.

But for you I'll always be insignificant.


He stood face to face with his enemy.

Aaron realized Michelle was expecting him to laugh, so he started laughing.

But, then again, Latin was already a "dead language" by that time.

Listen attentively to what I say.

As far as English is concerned, she is second to none in her class.

In doing that I was gaining nothing and was bringing myself into danger.

Though they're twins, they don't have many interests in common.


I don't drink.


You have my sympathies.

Were the results surprising?

I found this book very difficult.

Some medicines will do you more harm than good.

I was very polite.

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I can't tell if Paul is being sarcastic or not.


I think you'll find this interesting.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy hair to me.

William found a dusty box full of photos in his grandfather's attic.

I don't know. I can't remember.

I'll ask Julia to make some time for you tomorrow morning.

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My English is bad.

The news distressed her.

You shouldn't do his work.

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I think you've been dating Izchak too long.

My sentences are not sacrosanct.

I feel a strong attraction to the music of Beethoven.


She's fashionable.

The boss told Byron that he had to wear a suit and tie to work.

We help her.

Are you speaking frankly?

Nothing is missing.


Francis never forgave himself.

Devon gave Dan a dirty look.

She was stranded in the city.

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On the edge of the cliff blooms the most beautiful flowers.

Last year the region was visited by the worst drought in 60 years.

I received my bonus.

I'm pretty sure Clayton's dependable.

I've been trying to avoid her.

He looked like he was going to start crying again.

Thierry has a pretty good idea who stole his trumpet.


I'm never going to get married.

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Knapper looks as young as ever.


Everything looked OK.

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You might want to try studying in the library.


The chances are that it will rain today.


All the tales of miracles, with which the Old and New Testament are filled, are fit only for impostors to preach and fools to believe.

I am keen on learning English to a higher level. I want to take up my English skills to the next level!

Helen's words suddenly filled me with new energy.

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It is wrong to tell a lie.

I can always tell when Matt is lying.

The pyramids were built in ancient times.

It's not going to be a disaster.

It's rude to make fun of your boss in public.

Dean, could you come in here, please?

Beckie is bigger than me.

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He keeps a parrot as a pet.

How long have you lived in Japan?

I explained the matter to him.

When your resources are limited, you have to prioritize.

Mother Theresa devoutly cared for old people.

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The world is changing more and more quickly.

I'm quitting my job.

I hope Kanthan gets here in time.


In many cultures, men and women dress differently.

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Maria said to herself, "I'm really lucky".


Donovan knows better than to fight.

Who spread these rumours?

Vicki is taking out the garbage.

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I'm going to see her.

You have the right to be creative.

Youth must have its fling.


Sorry, I do not understand the meaning of the question.

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Long hair is out of fashion now.

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He believes he's gonna stay.


I think I know Kory as well as anybody.

I can't believe I finally did it.

Are you going to school today?

He retired from the company after 30 years' service.

Vadim has friends in Boston.

I heard them.

It fits me just right.

Louis and Brett were my best friends in college.

I can't think of anyone better suited for the job than Part.

We play a sport.

There is little prospect of their winning the match.

Heaven gives life to people and causes them to have all kinds of desires.

Am I correct in assuming that you wish you hadn't done that?

It's very hot here.

You've traded bad for worse.

How many kilos may I take?

I will graduate in two years.

I think that might be wise.

I would not have done that.

During a total eclipse, the Moon completely covers our view of the Sun.

Do you think we convinced him?

He is the least clever of the three.

He is buying some wood so that he can make a bookcase.

A computer is a modern device.

I'll assist in any way I can.

He made desperate efforts to reach the shore.

Would you please answer as soon as you can?


The thieves knocked off another bank today in a daytime robbery.

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Can you imagine walking on the moon?


The store was so crowded that they lost sight of each other.

Mummy and I moved into the hall.

I hope we can prevent this from happening again.

I sincerely apologize.

It was your idea, wasn't it?

What would you have me do?

Just calm down.


The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week.


Pim took an emetic.

Mat walked off the dance floor.

I'm doing this for them.